Women in Pregnancy

Women in Pregnancy was initially a pilot project in 2012 exploring the impact of pregnancy on women’s creativity through creative movement. Aleksandra Jones, the project Choreographer, used her methodology called Authentic Body. Working with professional dancers and pregnant women the pilot project tested the methodology through a series of workshops. Authentic Body is a gentle creative movement approach bringing together dance and performance techniques. All the workshops were filmed and photographed allowing the developmental process to be recorded.

At the end of the pilot a multimedia presentation was shown to an invited audience bringing together the choreographed movement, the film footage and the photographic imagery. Women in Pregnancy aimed to explore the beauty inherent in reproduction, in the individual woman’s creativity and place it in a societal context.

Gravida-webflyer-english (1)The following year, thanks to the support of the Arts Council of Wales, Women in Pregnancy was able to continue to explore the impact of pregnancy on a woman’s creativity specifically implementing two of the recommendations from the 2012 pilot project.

This phase of the project was taken forward with Choreographer Aleksandra Jones and Creative Producer, the late Frances Medley. We were delighted also to have Leah Crossley on board to document this phase in her own very unique innovative style.  LMHC Leah is developing a reputation for photographing performance having worked with a number of performance companies since graduating in 2012.

gravida still 3

Gravida was a choreographed work created by Aleksandra Jones with pregnant professional performers Tanja Raman and Lara Ward. Originally conceived as a solo work Aleksandra couldn’t resist the opportunity to work with two professional performers when we found out that Lara Ward was pregnant too!

Gravida was a partnership between The Republic of the Imagination, taikabox (Tanja Raman’s company), and Chapter (our ever present and supportive venue where Women in Pregnancy both rehearse and present our work).


This project has its own weblog, which you can read here.