What we do

We co-create with communities of all kinds opportunities to combine participative arts and mindfulness to promote wellbeing and dialogue.

Essential to wellbeing is the ability to participate in society in a meaningful way. That is why our methods enable people to pro-actively overcome obstacles to participation either within themselves or from external factors.

Essential to dialogue is the capacity to connect, to give and receive, to take notice and to keep learning. These happen also to be the activators of wellbeing.  Our methods remind people how much fun this can be!

The method we use is called Context Oriented Arts (COArts)

Context Oriented Arts is an approach that applies the looking-glass of participatory arts to the complex challenges of today and creates a dynamic platform for personal, organisational and social transformation.

Some examples of challenges already addressed include how to –

And some challenges we are currently planning to address are how to –

  • create a healing garden on inner city toxic land (with Global Gardens)
  • explore what bounderies will look like in the future (Centre for Future Thinking, Hawkwood College)
  • use forum theatre to facilitate co-production (with C3SC)
  • use forum theatre to support the children of victims of crime (with Community Music Wales)