What is a Creative Citizen?

Creative Citizens are people who are aware that we create the reality we experience, that thoughts are not facts and that awareness itself is a creative movement. Without direct experience of this, real dialogue is not possible, only discussion and a defense of opinions.

Without this understanding we cannot recognize the extent to which we are conditioned by our culture and are likely to see simple differences of perspective as mortal threats to our sense of identity. With this awareness culture becomes a celebration of diversity and a portal to an appreciation of multivalent reality rather than a combative discourse on an autonomous truth.

Intercultural dialogue then becomes transcultural dialogue and a space within which it is possible to connect with the creative ground of being from which everything flows and into which everything subsides, realizing the root meaning of the Greek word ‘dialogue’, ‘dia’ meaning flowing, logo meaning ‘meaning’ or word – the flowing of meaning.

According to some quantum physicists there are three properties to the universe – matter, energy and meaning: and the way they interact is creation. How these properties manifest in the human is through mind, body and spirit each of which can be realized to their full creative capacity through mindfulness, embodiment and vocation. By practicing these as individuals in community we raise our awareness and through practising transcultural dialogue with this awareness we realize creative citizenship. What results is a feeling of community (or communitas), personal transformation and greater peace leading to greater awareness and so on again around the circle. The more we do this the more the society we co-create demonstrates justice, security and truth.

What do Creative Citizens do?

Creative citizens are pro-active citizens who recognise that the ‘misery of reality when confronted with the richness of possibilities it contains’ is a product of our sense of separation. Writ large, by embodying mindfulness as a vocation, creative citizens transform society from the inside out by a reverse osmosis. In creating and participating in cultural works that destabilise the separation between the observer and the observed they make a radical and revolutionary impact on society at large.

In this way The Republic of the Imagination is a movement of and for Creative Citizens. It is also, through the practice of Context Oriented Arts, a creative movement for awareness of the creative movement of awareness.