Jelena Vuksanovic

I have studied at Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade, Serbia where I obtained the MA in Dramaturgy (playwriting & screenwriting). The additional trainings I gained through postgraduate studies with Moving Academy for Performing Arts –MAPA Netherlands & ISI Denpasar, Indonesia, focusing on Cultural and Performing Studies.

Besides my artistic and cultural interests I was also always attracted to social themes and work with local communities. My early experiences led to being involved in establishing 2 NGO organizations where I participated in various professional and educational productions, and have worked as a writer, facilitator, trainer and artistic manager. In our work we’ve been supported by the organizations like: European Youth in Action, UNICEF, Share SEE, Red Cross, MATRA Netherlands, local municipalities and Ministries, American Embassy programs and many more. Through these various projects I’ve been involved in making several film projects, some of them being short movies, video works and feature film “Last Class”. My second feature film “Panama” on which I worked as a co-screenwriter was premiered during the Cannes Film Festival 2015. In the “Special Screenings” category.

The first experience with Sensory Labyrinth Theatre was back in 2005. And the work I did with colleagues from the network The Republic of the Imagination has been evolving since then. The Sensory Portal project is a new step in creating another Incredible Immersive Theatre experience.