Ollin is a Sensory Journey through essential Life cycles. We are using the symbols of water, earth, wind and fire, four sides of the world, the smells, sounds and contact with a person as a means of deeper communication.

“Don’t be afraid of the darkness, because you were born in the shadow. Shadow is your shelter. But, the love will transform the shadow into what is the essence of life.”

The Sensory Portal “Ollin” is inspired by ancient Mexican ritual, a sort of a rite of passage that guides the spirit through all the elements, human being living with these elements and being one of them.

The participants who can’t see for the most of their journey are lead through the experience with sounds, touch and smell. The performers are working on the connection with each participant and they’re building the relation of trust since the beginning. The duality of surrender, letting go and active participation is from inside, directed towards feeling rather then thinking.

The rational process is deprived by the very actions of this Journey. It brings out awareness of forces of nature and life that surround us.

The nurture that happens during the Journey has the healing aspects, comparable to meditation or other introspective methods.

Ollin, in ancient Nahuatl language describes the perpetual movement in the seed, spiral that goes from the center of the seed, always keeping the balance of Life that is changing.

Every moment of this Sensory Journey is unique for each person. All the people are different and their reactions will vary. As this is a living process, the choreographed structure is changing depending on the needs and reception of each individual participant.

The OLLIN Sensory Portal can be easily constructed with the scenography elements and props arranged by our crew. The happening can be set on the open space or in the closed space depending on the facilities that we’re working in.


Besides the Sensory Portal, we are offering the workshops, process work with people of interest. Each of our three members are specialized in specific skills that we combine into the method of using the arts for spiritual growth, for self- development, self-awareness, communication with self and others, self- confidence, deeper connection with nature and surroundings and the life surrounding us.


Created and performed by:


JELENA VUKSANOVIC – Creative Associate


I have studied at Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade, Serbia where I obtained the MA in Dramaturgy (playwriting & screenwriting). The additional trainings I gained through postgraduate studies with Moving Academy for Performing Arts –MAPA Netherlands & ISI Denpasar, Indonesia, focusing on Cultural and Performing Studies.

Besides my artistic and cultural interests I was also always attracted to social themes and work with local communities. My early experiences led to being involved in establishing 2 NGO organizations where I participated in various professional and educational productions, and have worked as a writer, facilitator, trainer and artistic manager. In our work we’ve been supported by the organizations like: European Youth in Action, UNICEF, Share SEE, Red Cross, MATRA Netherlands, local municipalities and Ministries, American Embassy programs and many more. Through these various projects I’ve been involved in making several film projects, some of them being short movies, video works and feature film “Last Class”. My second feature film “Panama” on which I worked as a co-screenwriter was premiered during the Cannes Film Festival 2015. In the “Special Screenings” category.

The first experience with Sensory Labyrinth Theatre was back in 2005. And the work I did with colleagues from the network The Republic of the Imagination has been evolving since then. The Sensory Portal project is a new step in creating another Incredible Immersive Theatre experience.





Allegra is a Brazilian/ Italian performer originally from Rio de Janeiro. She Immigrated to London where she graduated with a MFA in Acting from East 15 Acting School (University of Essex) in 2014. In 2015 she moved to Bali where she has been training Balinese Traditional Dance and has been developing the idea of connecting spirituality with arts. Back in London Allegra worked with the Immersive Theatre Company Infinite Experience on the performance “Welcome Home”. Allegra’s credits also include: “Macbeth” (Tristan Bates, London), Michel Tremblay’s “Les Belles Soeurs” (Arcola Theatre, London), Caryl Churchill’s “A Mouthful of Birds”(Corbett Theatre), Ariel Dorfman’s “Widows” (Battersea Art Center, London), A Midsummer Night’s dream (Shakespeare Globe, London).






Is a Mexican shaman and performer specialized in dance and visual arts. In Mexico, she has developed a career into teaching contemporary dance, ballet and visual arts in schools associated with the National Institute of Fine Arts promoting inclusive education for people with different skills. In dance field she is the founder of Contemporary Dance Company Drumming Freedom, company that supports students in vulnerable situation (economic, social; gender) promoting respect, tolerance, empathy for the others; the Company works   with Rumbao, independent Latin fusion duet and as artistic collaborators they have participated in the Cervantino International Festival in Guanajuato; the  Celebration of the International Day of Dance in UNAM and spaces such as Casa del Lago; Casa abierta al tiempo UAM; Teatro Centenario; STC Metro. The Company has also collaborated with the Municipal Orchestra of Tlalnepantla Edo. Mex. 

Melissa as soloist has been part of Leticia’s Velasco Contemporary Group, Erny Cruz Jazz Company and in the Group Tari Bali, directed by Graciela Lopez that co-works with the Embassy of Indonesia in Mexico.  

As Visual artist she has had several collective and solo exhibitions in Mexico and Indonesia like Gallery Nishisawa; Autonomous Gallery in FAD; Museum of Tlalpan; Gallery Vereda Digital. 

Nowadays she lives in Bali, developing a research on Balinese culture and arts, project that had led her to participate in Art Centre and in the International Watercolor Exhibition. 

She is also interested in creating/ developing a network through energy and love by the knowledge of ancient purepecha culture and spiritism.