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The Republic of the Imagination is an intercultural network of creative citizens that acts as a meeting point for research into Context Oriented Arts. While there is no fixed definition of Context Oriented Arts a working definition could be that it describes 'arts that invite us to fall awake to the miracle of being alive'.

Creative Associates

Featured Artists and their Projects
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Gyuri Jakabfi

Hungarian architect, musician and eco-designer. Gyuri is developing many initiatives for TROTI including a touring performance space and yurt building program.
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Elizabeth Daniels

Mindfulness Teacher
Elizabeth is based in St. Davids, Pembrokeshire and leads on the Mindful Wales initiative for the Republic of the Imagination
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Alejandra Barrera

Alejandra, originally from Mexico, is a poetess and artists based in Vienna. Her focus is on arts for peace and degrowth and her practice involves creating peace Mandalas and Haiku.
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Viola Lukacs

Hungarian curator studying in Geneva and integrating the work of TROTI into high arts context and developing partnership projects with art galleries

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