Let Go


What if all there is is this. 

Whoever you are and wherever you are reading this…

…what if…

…all there is…

…is this.

This sense of being alive, this felt experience of aliveness that by the simple fact that you can read what is written here means you can feel it.

Thinking about it will only hide it from you.  Don’t think!  It’s just here, in plain sight.

It includes everything and excludes absolutely nothing.  There is no right and wrong.  It just is.

It even includes this feeling, this absolute certainty, that the this that is happening is happening to you right now.  The feeling that someone is reading something.  Someone who has a past and a future.  A someone who, at this moment, might still be trying to think, to understand this.  Don’t think!  There’s nothing to work out. It’s just this.

But you are thinking, aren’t you?  And you believe that it is you who is doing the thinking. And if you are anything like me you will be resisting this idea with all your heart and mind.   Because if all there is is this, and all there ever has been is this, then it would mean that there would be nothing to get: nothing lacking, no elusive meanings to find.  There would be absolutely nothing to be and nothing to do.  And if there is nothing to do, then what am I for!

It would be like an actor, mid way through a play, blanking out and just standing there on the stage exposed.  Not a hero, villain or love interest but an actor who was playing at these, who was pretending but is now a non-actor..a presence on the stage, a being-ness.