The Republic of the Imagination – TROTI films is a production house based in Cardiff, Wales, UK, functioning since 2008.

TROTI Films produces movies that research anthropological, artistic and cultural themes that are inspirational models of functioning and personal relations to the World and Life.

TROTI Films is a majority women crew of professionals who have been working in the creative industries for over 10 years.  Their joint vision is to  develop and deliver projects dedicated to health, wellbeing and environment and with a special focus on disadvantaged young people, minorities and unheard voices.

TROTI Films works nationally and internationally and has produced films supported by Arts Council Wales, USA Embassy, Ministry for Culture Serbia and Akar Media Bali – Indonesia.

TROTI Films is recognised as a unique company working on developing site – specific stories, specialized to work on films that changing policies and laws as well as documentaries used in schools, universities as a tool of raising awareness and encouraging participatory arts.