Dynamic Platforms for Transformation

1150924_10200463164081463_1826220228_nThe Republic of the Imagination offers workshops and training to enable NGO’s to engage with their user groups in more effective ways than were previously thought possible. The conventional practice of consultation through questionnaires, interviews or focus groups employs a relatively narrow spectrum of human capacity. Research based on such consultations often produces information that is limited in its relevance and utility, reproducing opinions that are often biased by external pressures such as social expectations, family or group dynamics and media influence.

Using methods developed over 25 years working as an international practitioner in Applied Theatre, Iwan Brioc – Director of Practice and Research, facilitates groups to create spaces where dynamic and creative dialogue can occur. This is a dialogue that engages with processes of change on personal, institutional, social and sometimes even spiritual levels; but always towards greater insight and awareness for all concerned.

The flow of information that occurs through these Dynamic Platforms bridges the gulf that often separates propositional and implicate knowledge – the ‘knowing about’ an issue which professionals have and the understanding of an issue from first hand lived experience which user groups have in abundance and which is often reduced and filtered for reporting purposes.

The information that flows from a Dynamic Platform is not static but evolves heuristically the more participants engage in the process. They go on journeys of discovery that can provide multiple perspectives of their circumstances whilst galvanizing support and solidarity to push for improvement. Democratic, simple to grasp and huge fun Dynamic Platforms prove very popular and attract avid commitment from contributors. They also challenge us to take a whole systems approach to change, simply by being able to bring the whole world into its domain of reference.

The Republic of the Imagination can offer one-day taster workshop; a 3 day workshop to investigate a specific issue and a 5 day training for NGO’s and users who wish to set up a Dynamic Platform. We also offer advanced training for self-selecting individuals who would like to learn to facilitate Dynamic Platforms and through which groups can link in with the international network of Dynamic Platforms for Social Transformation.

Once an NGO has a Dynamic Platform set up we can also design bespoke workshops and training to aid NGO’s in using their Dynamic Platform to design effective campaigns; conduct staff and policy reviews; project evaluation and for personal development.