Balans Yoga Dance


Balans Yoga Dance combines the grace of ballet, the centering effect of yoga, the body conditioning of Pilates and the energy balancing of Chi Kung.

Developed by Aleksandra Jones over 25 years working as a ballet dancer, teacher and choreographer the system is very popular with professional dancers and enthusiasts alike in her native Belgrade.

If you are looking for something a little more lyrical and flowing than yoga or a little more stretching than your usual dance class then this might be for you.

All abilities welcome.

“I feel 21. I can feel my body again” Caroline, 45

“Helped me manage my degenerative disk disease. The gentle exercises made my spine supple.” Sanja, 50

“My hormones have been all over the place.  After one class I felt different.” Angharad, 30

19:30pm, Every Wednesday, Market Dance Studio, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

You will access the energy you need to enjoy your life and increase your capacity to feel that joy in your body. Classes are held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.